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How to apply for an HMO licence

Please use our step by step guide to apply for an HMO licence. The links at the bottom of the page will take you through each step.

Do I need a HMO licence for the property?

You will need a licence if your property has:

  • Five or more people living there, forming two or more households, and
  • They share facilities such as a bathroom, toilet or kitchen

A household is defined as:

  • Co-habiting couples
  • Blood-related, or foster families
  • Carers and domestic staff

Student halls of residence managed by the university and buildings owned by public bodies are not classified as HMOs.

How much will a licence cost ?

From 1 April 2024 the cost of a HMO licence is £1397.21. The licence fee is payable in two parts as follows:

Part 1

The licence processing fee of £643.94. This fee is payable when the application is submitted to the Council.

Part 2

The administration and compliance fee of £753.27.

This fee is payable when the Council has determined that the licence application has succeeded and must be paid before the Council releases the licence.

A HMO licence renewal fee is £1047.90 and is also payable in two parts (as above).

  • Part 1 - £482.03
  • Part 2 - £565.87

Reduced fees are available to the standard and renewal application fees, as follows:

Reduction type

Application Type

Part 1 Fee

(to be submitted with the application)

Part 2 fee

(to be submitted when the licence application succeeds but before the licence is issued).

Total fee

(Must be paid in two parts.  Unsuccessful applicants will not be charged the second fee)

Cornwall Responsible Landlord Scheme Members – 5% reduction

First Application




As above





Members of recognised landlord associations (e.g. CRLA, NLA, SWLA etc)

2.5% reduction

First Application




As above






You will be required to provide proof of membership (scheme/membership number).

No reduced fees are available for properties we find operating without a licence.

Are there any standards that my property must meet?

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