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Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Historic Environment Record

The record (HER) includes information on all aspects of the past.

It has information on sites, finds and structures, and includes collections of photos, maps, plans and surveys.

Access to the HER

The HER is available on Cornwall Council's Historic Environment mapping page.

It is also available to consult online via the Heritage Gateway

The HER team have compiled a short guide to the Heritage Gateway for you to download.

How you can help us

The record will never be complete, as new finds and discoveries are made almost every day; maintaining and updating the data is an ongoing task. 

You can contribute by using the Sites and Monuments recording form to report to us any interesting finds or discoveries you make in Cornwall and Scilly that have not previously been recorded in our database.

Enquiries and searches

The Historic Environment Record team can carry out bespoke searches of the record. This provides the most up to date data we hold and can be useful for commercial clients, academics, not for profit groups or for general interest.

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