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Worried about sugar and its impact on health? Interested in joining the Sugar Smart movement in Cornwall? 

SUGAR SMART Cornwall is working with different organisations and businesses to make it easier for us all to choose healthier options when buying or eating food outside the home. 

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So how much sugar is too much?

No more than 5% of our total energy intake should come from sugar. This means different amounts of sugar for different age groups:

  • For children aged 4 to 6 years old the maximum amount of added sugar per day is 5 sugar cubes or 19g.
  • For children aged 7 to 10 years old the maximum amount of added sugar per day is 6 sugar cubes or 24g.
  • For anyone aged over 11 years old the maximum amount of added sugar per day is 7 sugar cubes or 30g.

SUGAR SMART Cornwall Survey

In 2018, nearly 900 of you got involved in our survey where we asked what you thought about sugar in the food and drink you eat outside of the home. The top reasons given for concern about sugar were weight, obesity, dental health, diabetes and impact on mood. 

Here's what else you had to say:

Sugar and health

  • 85% were worried about the amount of sugar in food and drink
  • 83% think that sugar has an impact on their health and wellbeing,

and here’s how it varied across age groups:

  • 80% of <16 year olds think sugar has an impact on their health
  • 79% of 17-18 year olds think sugar has an impact on their health
  • 82% of 19-29 year olds think sugar has an impact on their health
  • 83% of 30-49 year olds think sugar has an impact on their health
  • 85% of over 50 year olds think sugar has an impact on their health
  • 65% think that sugar has an impact on their family’s health and wellbeing

Eating out

  • 72% consider the amount of sugar in a product when buying food or drink at a shop, café, restaurant or takeaway
  • 77% would be more likely to use a café or restaurant if it had healthier options available
  • And a whopping 98% think that it’s important to have healthy food and drinks options available when eating out!

Taking action

We asked you to tell us the top three locations where action on sugar is needed most:

  • 73% want to see action on sugar in secondary schools
  • 71% chose early years settings and primary schools
  • 54% want cafes, restaurants and takeaways to sell healthier food
  • And the top three recommendations for making it easier for people to choose healthier options away from the home included:
  • Making free drinking water available across Cornwall
  • Making the sugar content of food clearer, including the labelling and nutritional content of recipes
  • Increasing general awareness of the health impacts of sugar

Who are we working with?

We’re working with a range of partners to help make these changes, including Cornwall Food Foundation, Cornwall Council Healthy Cornwall, Brighter Smiles, Cornwall Council Public Health team.

The Success of SUGARSMART Cornwall

In just a couple of years, we are delighted with the response from organisations across Cornwall. 

  • Employers across public, private and third sectors in Cornwall have been recognised for their great work in improving staff health and wellbeing in the county.
  • We are now leading the way with our campaign and this has featured in the SUGARSMART UK newsletter.
  • Workplaces are signing up and sugar reduction is embedded in the Healthy Workplace Award.
  • Schools continue to sign up to SUGAR SMART and have accessed free training and resources supported through Cornwall Healthy Schools.
  • Early Years settings sign up and make their pledges as part of the Healthy Under 5s programme
  • Numerous events and pledges taken by workplaces, schools and early years settings have been celebrated across social media and featured in newsletters.

Thank you to all of you who have helped to raise awareness of SUGAR SMART and have started or continued your own campaigns across Cornwall. The success of Cornwall's campaign wouldn't be possible without your interest and enthusiasm!

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