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Young Carers and Young Adult Carers

Who is a Young Carer or Young Adult Carer?

Young Carers are children and young people up to age 25 who provide care and support for a family member, they have significant caring responsibility.

The person being cared for may be physically or mentally ill, frail or elderly, disabled, or misuse alcohol or drugs.

Why is it important we support Young Carers?

Young Carers may feel or become excluded from personal and social opportunities including their education. Giving young carers the right support at the right time can give them a better chance of succeeding in all areas of their lives.

Who provides support to Young Carers in Cornwall?

Kernow Young Carers supports carers from the age of 4 to 25. This service is provided by Barnardos and further details can be found below.

Young Carers - Cornwall Carers Service 

How can you get support?

If you are a young carer, young adult carer or you are supporting someone who you think may be a young carer you can;

Call the advice line 01736 756655 or complete a self referral form on the Young Carers website. The carers service will undertake an assessment of your needs and the support available to meet them.

The support offered aims to help you to feel supported, have good physical and emotional health, and enable you to access and achieve your potential in education and training.

Anyone who supports someone else with their health and wellbeing can talk to the Cornwall Carers Service. Further information on Cornwall Carers Service can be found below:

The Young Carers Strategy 2021-2026

What does the Young Carer’s Strategy do?

  • It tells young carers and their families what support is available to them and their families in their local area
  • It informs professionals of their responsibilities in supporting young carers and their families
  • It provides information about how services will support them in the future

Young Carers have told us being with other young people is important to them. They have also told us that having a break from their caring responsibilities at home makes a big difference to them. It helps with their mental health, physical health and ability to learn.

The new strategy has the voice of the Young Carer and Young Adult Carers running throughout the document. We would like everyone to see it and use it: 

Young Carers Strategy 2021-26

What do you think about the new Young Carers Strategy 2021-2026?

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