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The Annual Conversation

What is the Annual Conversation?

The Annual Conversation follows on from the work done for the G7, which came to Cornwall in June 2021. This gave children and young people the opportunity to share their ideas on the future of Cornwall. With thousands of young people taking part in the G7, the Council pledged to keep the conversation going as part of their commitment to recognising the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; particularly their rights:

  • to be informed
  • to be heard, and
  • have their views taken seriously

Why the Annual Conversation is Important

Children and Young People:

  • What you have to say matters. You have the right to be heard and to be involved in decisions made about your life
  • Getting involved gives you power as well as being likely to improve:
    • self confidence
    • wellbeing
    • your connection with other people and your community
  • What you have to say can influence what decisions are made about lots of areas of your life now and in the future. These areas include:
    • education
    • housing
    • jobs
    • the environment


  • To enable children and young people to have the best life chances, to learn skills, develop their knowledge and feel heard and involved
  • To learn from children, understand their perspectives and why they feel that way
  • To support children and young people to realise their values, passion and voice matters
  • Adults have a duty to listen to children, take their views seriously and involve them in decision making

Annual Conversation 2023

When and where is it taking place? 

Annual Conversation 2023 was due to take place on Thursday 30th November 2023. Unfortunately, due to weather, this event was postponed.

The Annual Conversation 2023 will now take place on Thursday 25th April 2024.

At this event, Ambassadors from Annual Conversation 2022, Councillors and Council Officers will be invited to share and celebrate their pledge working group successes and achievements. The second half of the evening will be spent looking at priorities for the next 12 months and connecting people up from across different organisations and geographical areas to work together to achieve their aims. 

What can I do?

If you are an organisation who would like to be involved in this year's Annual Conversation, and haven't heard from us already, please get in touch by emailing

If you are young person wanting to be involved in making a difference in Cornwall, please visit Cornwall Youth Council-Let's Talk Cornwall. 

To get involved in Cornwall Youth Council please email:

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