Be a safer motorcyclist

The Think! video shows a perfect motorcycle ride where a rider is warned of hazards on the road before he reaches them. Real life isn't like this, so riders need to THINK! ahead when they are on the road.

The two main causes of accidents by both riders and drivers are not paying attention and not having enough time and space to react in a way that avoids a crash.

People are most likely to be involved in an accident on a Sunday in the early afternoon, and more often in the winter than the summer due to adverse weather conditions.

Most motorcycle accidents occur at junctions, on bends or when overtaking. In urban areas there are many obstructions and distractions at junctions and on rural roads where higher speeds are allowed there is less time to see another vehicle approach.

Bends are the most common crash site when no other road user is involved. This could be due to slippery surfaces or a rider going into a bend too quickly. Overtaking in heavy traffic or getting past a line of slow moving traffic on the open road can also be the cause of accidents.

If you ride a bike, consider completing an enhanced rider course. Vist the Enhanced Rider Scheme website for details of what the scheme involves and a list of accredited trainers.

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