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Tyre safety

Car tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, across the centre three quarters and all the way around. If not you can receive 3 points and £2500 fine per tyre!

It is also important to look for any bulges and scrapes on the side of the tyre, these can be early signs of a puncture or blow out. Something you don’t want when driving! Get to tyre centre/garage and get them checked out.

The tyre pressure (how much air is inside) makes a difference to how much grip your car has with the road.  The correct pressure can prolong the life of the tyre. You can also use more fuel with incorrectly inflated tyres. Air molecules pass through the tyre over time – even if the wheels aren’t turning. Once a month or so, check each tyre when you fuel up at a petrol station, certain supermarkets offer this for free.


Tyre pressures

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