Emergency Planning in South East Cornwall

There are three sites in south east Cornwall which have risks associated with their operations:

Cornwall Council's Emergency Management Team have involvement in the writing and reviewing of the associated emergency plans. These are followed by regular multi-agency emergency exercises.

A free Warning and Informing Service is available for residents and businesses in South East Cornwall. This is for those who are close to Devonport Dockyard or Defence Munitions. Please register below.

The operators of these sites must pass you information if there is an accident or emergency which may affect you. This will be via your mobile phone (by voice or SMS text message) and landline. It will advise you of the actions to take to keep your family or co-workers safe. It will also let you know when the all-clear is given.

Major accidents or emergencies associated with these types of site are extremely rare. There have been none in the Plymouth and South East Cornwall area. However, we would encourage you to register for this free service.

You can also register to receive alerts if you have a family member or friend who lives in one of these areas.

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