Action to take if you smell gas

What to do if you smell gas

If you smell gas in your home follow this important information:

  • If you smell gas or think that you may have a gas leak somewhere, then you should call one of the following services straightaway:
  • Do not turn lights on or off and avoid using other electrical switches and appliances.
  • Turn off the gas at the meter, unless the meter is located in a cellar or basement - in which case, do not enter.
  • If there is a smell of gas in the cellar or basement, you should evacuate the building.
  • Extinguish all naked flames - do not smoke or strike matches.
  • Open windows and doors to let air in, make sure all gas appliances are turned off and turn off the gas at the mains if possible. Do not use until they are checked by the engineer.
  • Keep people away should the area be evacuated.
  • Immediate access will be required.

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, call the national gas emergency service free on 0800 111 999 at any time, day or night every day of the year. Just pick up the phone, dial the number and you will be put through to a trained operator who will take all the details.

All calls to the National Gas Emergency Service are recorded, and may be monitored.

For more information, visit the Wales and West Utilities website

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