Fire safety policies


Below are our business fire safety policies which explain how:

  • we work,
  • our standards for fire safety inspections,
  • audits,
  • enforcement,
  • and the appeals and complaint procedure.

Service Standards

This document explains our commitment to customer service and the standards to which the:

  • Business Fire Safety (Protection) Team and
  • Service Delivery in Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service will adopt.  

We are committed to providing you with an:

  • efficient,
  • professional
  • and helpful service

This document tells you how we aim to do that and what standards we will meet:  

Service Standards for Business Fire Safety FS2-013

Appeals, Challenges and Complaints

In all your dealings with us you can expect an:

  • efficient and professional service;
  • we aim to carry out all our activities in a way that supports you to provide safety to people in case of fire,
  • we will also help you if you encounter problems
  • or if we get it wrong. 
  • We are always willing to discuss our actions
  • or why we have acted in a particular way or made particular requirements.

If you think we have (in some way) got it wrong for you, we would like to know, and this document tells you how to go about it: 

Appeals, Challenges and Complaints FS2-014

Delegation of Powers

The purpose of this policy is to identify:

  • specific roles undertaken by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) personnel,
  • the associated powers available to them,
  • their signatory powers
  • and the warrants available to facilitate the use of those powers.

Delegation of Powers FS2-015

Unwanted Fire Signals

This policy explains how we:

  • manage and respond to reported automatic fire alarms,
  • the actions we will take to reduce false fire alarms.

Unwanted Fire Signals OPS1-057

Explosive Licensing Draft Policy

We have created a policy that explains how we manage existing and new firework and explosive licences.  All new and significantly amended Business Fire Safety policies undergo a 21 day consultation period. 

If you have any comments we welcome any feedback.  All feedback should be sent to

Explosive Licensing FS2-016

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