CFRS Fees and Charges

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Fees and Charges for non-emergency calls, with effect from 01 April 2021. 

All figures exclude VAT which is chargeable at the rate of 20% on all of the below charges other than Fire Report Extracts, Interviews and Fire Investigation Reports.

Appliances, Personnel and Pumps

  • Major Appliance with Crew - £327 per hour + VAT
  • Light Appliance (L4P) with Crew - £264 per hour + VAT
  • Portable Pump / Van with Crew - £123 per hour + VAT
  • Ancillary Vehicle and Driver - £92 per hour + VAT

Examples of Chargeable Services:

  • Pumping-out Boats
  • Stand-by for private aircraft landings
  • Access to premises (where no risk to life or property, from fire or other hazards)
  • Non-Statutory duties including Environmental Assistance
  • Preparation, maintenance and validation of Off-site emergency plans for Statutory sites under COMAH Regulations etc.
  • Preparation, maintenance and validation of emergency plans for specific events E.g. Tall Ships event.
  • Participation in pre-planned emergency response capability for events.
  • Preparation or assistance with preparation of Business Continuity plans for businesses.
  • Planning, delivering or participating in external business continuity exercises.

Delivery of Water

4,500 to 9,000 litres - £396 per load +VAT

Personnel Only

  • Resilience and Emergency Management Officer G5-N3 - £60 per hour
  • Firefighter, Crew Manager, Watch Manager and LGE A1-H6 - £63 per hour
  • Station Manager, Group Manager and LGE I1-I6 - £88 per hour
  • Area Manager and Above and LGE J1-N6 - £105 per hour
  • Principal Officer - £119 per hour
  • Transport (if applicable) - 20% of the above

Fire Reports

  • Extracts - £113 per copy (no VAT)
  • Interviews - £328 per Officer (no VAT)
  • Fire Investigation Report - £595 per copy (no VAT)

Note: Hydrant Standpipes, Keys and Bars must not be loaned out under any circumstances.  Any members of the public or organisations requesting such loans must be referred to South West Water Services Ltd.

Petroleum Licences

Storage certificate, where premises to be used to store petrol of a quantity (no VAT)

  • Not exceeding 2,500 litres - £44 for each year of certificate
  • Exceeding 2,500 litres but not exceeding 50,000 litres - £60 for each year of certificate
  • Exceeding 50,000 litres - £125 for each year of certificate

Explosives Licences

  • Site Information - various dependent on type of duration of licence

Marriage Act 1994

  • Site Information - £270 per inspection + VAT

Pipelines Safety Regulations (PSR)

  • Site Information - £102 + VAT

Practical Firefighting Courses

Industrial and commercial organisations - Personnel rates
Transport at 20% of above Material Costs Plus 10% on-cost

Fire Safety Training Seminars

Industrial and Commercial Organisations - Personnel rates
Transport at 20% of above Material Costs Plus 10% on-cost 

Pollution Prevention and Control to Protect Controlled Waters

  • Actual cost

Licence Agreements with Remote Alarm Centres

  • Automatic fire alarms £595 per annum (no VAT)

Site Sharing Licence for Radio/Paging

  • Individually Negotiated

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