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Export health certificate

Food export

Businesses wishing to export their food products will need to obtain an Export Health Certificate.

Cornwall Council offer a Certifier Service to support and enable local businesses to export their food products across the world.

Please note that the Cornwall Certifier Service can only issue Export Health Certificates for:

  • fish
  • fishery products
  • products not of animal origin (PNOAO)
  • and some composite products.

You may need to contact a vet to issue Export Health Certificates for:

  • livestock
  • meat
  • and dairy products

A list of certifiers is available on the Government website.

The requirements around exporting food vary greatly. If you have any questions or queries please email and we will assist.

We have produced a helpful guide for exporters. A copy of the document can be obtained by contacting

Exporting non-food items

For non-food products the export requirements differ depending on whether the export is within the EU or outside the EU and depending on the product.
Certain products require a licence before export.

Certain non-food products require a CE mark indicating they are compliant with relevant legislation to be sold legally in Europe. It may assist the person who imports them into the EU if you mark items you sell to them.  Similar requirements apply to products sold in the UK e.g. toys and electrical equipment where the CE mark is being replaced by a UKCA mark.

Similarly, if you are exporting goods intended for consumers marked with a statement of their quantity which are packed to average weight, marking them with an e mark may assist the EU importer. There is no requirement to do so.

An overview of 'average quantity' and what is required of packers or importers of packaged products.

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