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LIVE: Full Cornwall Council meeting, 19 September, 2023

An update on the council’s Capital Programme and a number of procedural changes are set to be discussed when Cornwall Council meets in County Hall in Truro today.

The meeting will take place this morning, starting at 10.30am.

Among the procedural changes set for debate are the appointment of a new Harbours Board, a review of Cabinet procedure Rules, and a review of the requirement for criminal record checks for members.

Also on the agenda will be announcements from the Leader of the Council and the Chairman, as well as questions to the leader and cabinet members from both the public and other members of the council.

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Live updates from the meeting will appear below:

10.25am:  Today's meeting will start in five minutes

10.30am:  The Chairman opens the meeting.  We will have prayers first.

10.38am:  A number of councillors are unable to attend today, including council leader Linda Taylor, who is attending remotely

10.41am: The chairman is making her announcements, including a meeting with the Duke of Edinburgh in Penzance last week.

10.42am:  The leader, Cllr Linda Taylor, is making her announcements via Teams, as she explains she has caught Covid, so is unable to be in the Chamber today.  She begins by thanking Cllr Edwina Hannaford for bringing the sale of Coastguard flats in Looe before Cabinet last week.

LINK: Cornwall Council Cabinet approves draft budget for 2024/25

Cllr Linda Taylor addresses the chamber

10.46am: We now move onto public questions.  A point of order is raised as a member of the public has contacted his councillor to say his question was submitted, but not on the list.  The monitoring officer has apologised, and says the matter will now be looked into.

10.51am: Public questions continue, with a question on when environmental considerations will be including in its decision making on commercial estate activities.  Cllr David Harris, deputy leader of the council and portfolio holder for resources, says that is not accurate and environmental issues are always considered.

10.57am:  The final public question concerns housing for care leavers within Cornwall.

10.58am: We now move onto an update on the Capital Programme, introduced by Cllr David Harris, deputy leader of the council and portfolio holder for resources.

11.01am: Cllr John Conway asks for an assurance that the Mid-Cornwall Metro scheme will not be included in the programme.

11.03am:  Cllr Tim Dwelly asks Cllr Harris to pledge that any potential sale of Cornwall Newquay Airport is brought before the full council.

11.04am:  Cllr Harris explains that the council is a long way away from any agreement on the Mid-Cornwall Metro scheme, so it is not near any inclusion on the Capital programme.

11.06am:  Cllr Harris responds to Cllr Dwelly by explaining the council is looking for a partner, and not to sell the airport.  Cllr Dwelly asks if the council will have a vote on any change to ownership of the airport.  Cllr Harris explains the decision making process will be in line with the authority's constitution.

11.09am:  The council approves the Capital Programme.

11.10am: The Council now moves onto a discussion on the creation of a new Harbours Board for Cornwall.

11.13am:  The Council approves the creation of the new Harbours' Board

11.14am:  We now move onto agenda item 9.2 - a review of the Cabinet Procedure Rules.

11.15am:  Cllr Colin Martin speaks, beginning by saying that this review does not give the Leader any extra powers.  He asks if the Leader is required to inform members of changes to Cabinet portfolios, and whether members must be informed of individual decisions made by the Leader.

11.18am:  Cllr Jayne Kirkham wants to know how this review will change the way communications will be conducted between the Leader and elected members.

11.18am:  The council's monitoring officer explains that the leader must notify those directly affected by changes to portfolios, and members must be told within five days.  Also, there will be no change to communications between the Leader and elected members.

11.20am: The review is approved by Council.

11.21am: The council is now discussing criminal record checks for councillors, and whether they should be mandatory.

11.27am:  It is noted that every councillor is currently criminal record checks, but it is not mandatory.  Cllr Jayne Kirkham asks how it would be disclosed if a member had refused to undertake a check.

11.30am:  It is explained that it is up to central Government to change the legislation to make it mandatory for councillors to undertake the check, especially as many members of the public automatically assume councillors will have been checked.

11.34am:  The item is approved by council

11.35am: Today's submitted motion is on the A38 and improvements on the road between Saltash and Bodmin.  The chairman explains she is referring the issue to Cabinet due to the financial implications.  Cllr Armand Toms, the member who submitted the motion, is given five minutes to talk on the issue to the Chamber.

11.41am: Cllr Toms is warmly applauded after explaining his thoughts behind the motion.  We now move onto questions to Cabinet and the Leader from members.

11.54am: Questions have included issues on car parking charges, and road safety.

You can watch the webcast below:

Watch the Webcast

12.44pm:  Today's meeting is now concluded.


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