Online Translation Request Service

If you would like something translated into Cornish or from Cornish into English, we can help. Translations are usually processed within a week.   More complex translations may take longer.

Fill in the form below to a get a translation. This service is free for short translations of less than 40 words.  For longer translations, the cost will depend on the length and complexity of the text.  Send it in the first place to and we will discuss it with you or telephone 01872 323497.


Please note that Cornwall Council cannot provide translations for text that could be considered offensive.

Mar mynnowgh govyn neppyth dhe vos treylys yn Kernewek po a-dhyworth Kernewek, ni a yll gweres. Herwydh usadow yth yw argerdhys treylyansow a-ji unn seythen. Yth yw possybyl bos termyn hirra es unn seythen rag treylyansow moy kompleth.

Gwrewgh lenwel an furvlen a-woles rag kavos treylyans heb kost.  An gonis ma a vydh heb kost rag treylyans berr yn-dann 40 ger.  Rag treylyansow hirra, an kost a wra kregi war hirder ha komplethter an tekst.  Gwrewgh y dhanvon dhe yn kynsa le ha ni a wra keskewsel genowgh a-dro dhodho genowgh po pellgewsewgh orth 01872 323497.


Merkyewgh mar pleg na yll Konsel Kernow provia treylyansow rag tekst a allsa bos prederys divlas.


Online Translation Request


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Your name and email address will be kept in a safe and secure environment and used to reply to you with your translation. It will not be passed to any third parties and will be deleted in a safe and secure manner after your request has been completed.

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