Fire safety for large events

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, event organisers are responsible for fire safety at the event venue. 

You must:

  • Adequately asses the risk of fire
  • Take steps to stop fires from starting or to limit the spread of fire
  • Provide adequate systems of fire warnings and means of escape

If you are using tents or marquees, you will need to pay specific attention to keeping fire exits clear and well signed at all times.  You should also clearly identify fire hydrants and ensure they are kept clear at all times.

You will need to produce a separate fire risk assessment.  This should include:

  • your emergency procedures
  • provision for the safe evacuation for disabled people

The fire risk assessment also needs to include:

  • Things that could start a fire, e.g. electrics, pyrotechnics and live fire effects
  • Things that could act as fuel for a fire, e.g. curtains, scenery and gas supplies
  • Who might be harmed by a fire and how

You can help prevent or limit the spread of fire by:

  • Using flame retardant coatings and treatments on scenery and curtains
  • Separating potential sources of ignition from fuel sources 
  • Not allowing waste and rubbish to build up
  • Controlling and monitoring any flammable liquids, gas and LPG containers on site. Making sure the emergency services know where they are stored
  • Cutting back vegetation
  • Providing fire extinguishing equipment

Make sure you involve Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service in the planning stages of your event. They can advise on safe access for fire vehicles and fire fighters. Especially to any high risk areas.

You will also need a fire procedure, and everyone involved in running the event needs to know what to do in the event of a fire.  All staff and volunteers should be trained to deal with small fires

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