Bingo Premises or Bingo Halls

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Bingo licence

Bingo is deemed to be equal chance gaming. This is defined as gaming where:

(a) it does not involve playing or staking against a bank;
(b) the chances are equally favourable to all players.

It is immaterial how the bank is described or whether the bank is controlled or administered by a player.

In order to provide bingo as a commercial venture, a bingo operating licence is required from the Gambling Commission and a premises licence is required from the licensing authority. Conditions may be attached:

(a) limiting amounts that may be staked;
(b) limiting the amount that may be charged;
(c) limiting the amount or value of a prize or class of prize;
(d) requiring that at least a specified proportion of stakes be paid out by way of prizes;
(e) imposing requirements that are specific to games of bingo played on more than one set of premises.

Bingo may be played in:

Commercial Bingo Clubs

Where there should be no statutory limits on:

(a) stakes and prizes;
(b) frequency of multiple bingo games.

The Gambling Commission should approve any new games.
Rollovers would be permitted.


This had not been permitted under previous legislation.

Clubs and Pubs

  • No authorisation is needed under the Gambling Act 2005 unless the bingo offered is high turnover bingo.
  • High turnover bingo is defined as bingo where the total stakes and prizes in any 7 day period exceed £2,000.
  • The high turnover period begins on the first day of the 7 day period and expires 12 months after that day.
  • Subsequent high turnover periods can occur during the 12 month period and will not result in a new 12 month high turnover period beginning. 

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