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Current and Future Contract Opportunities

Current Contracts

Cornwall Council's current contacts can be found on South West Portal - Contract Register: 

Go to the South West Portal - Contract Register

Please filter on Cornwall Council.

Current Tender Opportunities

The easiest place to search for current tender opportunities is on Contracts Finder: 

Go to the Contracts Finder websiteThe contract will be advertised in three different places depending on its value: 

We encourage potential suppliers to register on all the portals. All the portals are free to register. They will send you email notifications when relevant contract opportunities arise.

The Transport Coordination Service have a portal where suppliers can sign up to bid on school and social care transport contracts.

Register with Cornwall Council Passenger Transport Services 

Registering with Cornwall Council does not mean that you are obliged to accept any work that is offered. You are free to bid on as much (or as little) as you decide.

Our contracts consist of a variety of different type of home to school, post 16 and social care transport arrangements. This ranges all the way from regular routes that can operate up to 190 days a year (or even more), to individual journeys booked as one-off arrangements. The work we offer varies from requiring standard taxi transport to larger vehicles and wheelchair accessible provision. So there are opportunities, regardless of the type of vehicle you offer.

As a registered operator you’d be free to decide which areas of work you want to engage in.

We will provide you with all the information and guidance you require to fulfil your contacts. There is no charge for this.

Help using the portals

For guidance on how to access the new system and register please read the documents below: 

Future Tender Opportunities

The Cornwall Council Commercial Pipeline provides a forward look at our anticipated outsourcing activity over the next 3-5 years.

Where possible, we have included all our major projects and anticipated procurements valued at: 

  • £2,000,000
  • or more for Capital
  • and £213,477 (RPT) for Revenue

Neither the publication of this pipeline, nor any of the information presented in it, should be taken as

  • a commitment
  • or representation

on the part of Cornwall Council (or any other organisation) to enter into a contractual arrangement or to proceed with a procurement.

Circumstances may change and we cannot guarantee that the requirements, contract value, and/or timeline will be as stated.

There may also be further outsourcing activity that takes place that we are not currently aware of and which may therefore not appear on this Commercial Pipeline.

We will refresh our published Commercial Pipeline every quarter.

Procurement Forward Plans by Directorate  

These cover the next 3-5 years (approx.)

They include capital procurements in excess of £1m and revenue procurements in excess of the Regulatory Procurement Threshold (RPT) that is, £213,477

If you need more details about any project please contact

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