Coronavirus updates for suppliers

We will be aiming to keep suppliers to the Council updated on a regular basis as the situation around COVID-19 develops.

Relief from the Government

The Chancellor has set out a package of measures to support contracted suppliers, as well as other businesses during this period of time.

Contracted Suppliers should pursue these sources of relief. Particularly in circumstances where suppliers are unable to provide goods and works. Or services where staff are or may be furloughed.

It is important that suppliers are not claiming public subsidy in relation to the same cash flow issue twice. For example:

  • the supplier claims 80% of staff costs through the Job Retention Scheme for furloughed staff
  • As well as receiving payment through the Council’s contracts with other suppliers

The different sources of external relief for businesses are shown in the document below.

The supplier relief programme was available up to the 31 October 2020.  A new policy note 04/20 was released in July.  This set out how the transition phase operated. In response to this we started to plan with our suppliers how to:

  • exit any contractual relief
  • transition to a new, sustainable, operating model

Information for suppliers

Covid-19 Business Support Package

The Covid-19 Business Support Package contains information on financial relief that is available.

View the Covid-19 Business Support Package

If for whatever reason you cannot mitigate the risks on your own through the actions above and you need to discuss this please contact us on the emails provided.

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