Coroners’ Courts Support Service

The Coroners’ Courts Support Service (CCSS) is an independent voluntary organisation. The trained volunteers offer emotional support and practical help to:

  • bereaved families
  • witnesses
  • others attending an Inquest at a Coroner’s Court

Attending an inquest

An Inquest takes place to determine how, when and where someone has died, but not why. It is an investigation to find out the facts about a death and does not put blame on any individual.

Attending an Inquest can be a bewildering and emotional experience.  If you are asked to attend an Inquest at a Coroner’s Court you may be wondering what happens.  To find out:

  • what happens at a Coroner's Court
  • who may attend the inquest
  • what will happen when you arrive on the day
  • what happens during and after the inquest

you can view the information on attending an Inquest leaflet.  

Support for bereaved people attending Inquests

Bereavement and trauma can affect people in different ways.  It is not unusual to feel shock, denial, anger, sadness and despair at any time.

View the support and guidance for bereaved people attending Inquests leaflet to find out what support and guidance the Coroners' courts support service can provide.

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