The Annual Conversation

What is the Annual Conversation?

The Annual Conversation follows on from the work done for the G7, which came to Cornwall in June 2021. This gave children and young people the opportunity to share their ideas on the future of Cornwall. With thousands of young people taking part in the G7, the Council pledged to keep the conversation going as part of their commitment to recognising the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; particularly their rights:

  • to be informed
  • to be heard, and
  • have their views taken seriously

Why the Annual Conversation is Important

Children and Young People:

  • What you have to say matters. You have the right to be heard and to be involved in decisions made about your life
  • Getting involved gives you power as well as being likely to improve:
    • self confidence
    • wellbeing
    • your connection with other people and your community
  • What you have to say can influence what decisions are made about lots of areas of your life now and in the future. These areas include:
    • education
    • housing
    • jobs
    • the environment


  • To enable children and young people to have the best life chances, to learn skills, develop their knowledge and feel heard and involved
  • To learn from children, understand their perspectives and why they feel that way
  • To support children and young people to realise their values, passion and voice matters
  • Adults have a duty to listen to children, take their views seriously and involve them in decision making

When and where is it taking place? 

The Annual Conversation events took place in November 2022 and November 2021. Our next Annual Conversation will be November 2023.

What can I do?

To get involved in Cornwall Youth Council please email:

What we talked about in this year's Annual Conversation:

We had 3 topic areas which were discussed at the Annual Conversation 2022. These were:

  • Our Future – Jobs and Skills
  • Being heard, involved and taken seriously
  • Achieving Good Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing

For more information or to get involved, please email

You can find out more about each of the pledges, including what is planned and what has already happened below:

The creation of space targeted towards and co-designed by young people, that centralises and facilitates learning about jobs, skills and how to advance in Cornwall!

Promote and educate young people and teachers and parents / carers, by providing information and resources about jobs and skills relevant for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, now and in the future (labour market information).

Officers in the People and Prosperity Team are working hard on contracting the company whose platform will hold and manage the Signed Up for Skills Portal.  Once that is sorted they will work with that company to look at the portal design and outline pages, etc. to include a young person’s area.  Once they have built that and started to add initial content, they will then be in a position to share this, inviting initial user feedback / input to help with ongoing development.  That is where you will come in if you would still like to be involved! They are hoping that will be in July and so we will be in touch when they are ready.

Another positive outcome following this theme is that:

  • one of our Annual Conversation Facilitators and
  • a Strategic Director that was in this group at the event

are about to put a programme together with HR (Human Resources) colleagues.  This is around youth recruitment into the Council.  We will keep you updated with that as it progresses and when there are opportunities for Ambassador input.

To find and create an app or website from which children and young people are heard, involved and taken seriously because we are the future of Cornwall.

Work with young people to make their voice heard and become partners in policy making through communication and action – “The Bridge”.

We had a fab Discovery Session / Hackathon at Falmouth Uni, with Cornwall Council colleagues (tech), Headforwards and Tec Girls together with some Ambassadors.  The main idea that came out of the day was for young people to produce content by way of:

  • regular interviews
  • investigations
  • news article pieces in a Newsround style format

that are promoted through various platforms and channels.

Five young people attended a session at County Hall on Thursday 1 June.  Together with the

  • Digital Futures team and
  • partners such as KEAP and Screen Cornwall

they looked at and explored:

  • audiences and distribution channels
  • skills mapping and
  • how they might be able to work in and with schools to create content

We are now working together with colleagues in the Digital Futures team to plan next steps.  We will be planning a day (or two) to create the first piece of content in Summer 2023.  We will be in touch soon with details, for those that would like to be involved in this exciting project!

To create an environment where a Wellbeing Plan – Listen, Hear, Act – can help promote early intervention and support for young people.

Balance the gender and age inequality towards accessing open public community spaces, facilities and services for all young people, children and young adults.

We had a successful workshop with some Ambassadors who said what they’d like to see.  The Annual Conversation team are going to create a film spec based on these ideas.  We’ll then be in touch so that we can choose the film company together.  Following that you will have the opportunity to be part of making the film!  We are hoping that the film will be created over summer 2023, and be shared in Autumn, with the film being showcased.

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