Connecting Cornwall: 2030 Supporting Strategies

The following documents support Connecting Cornwall: 2030.  Those that were originally prepared under the first and second Local Transport Plans will continue in Connecting Cornwall: 2030 until they are updated in line with the timescales set out in the Strategy document and the table below.

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TitleDate of PublicationDate of Refresh
Supporting Strategy by Mode
Powered Two Wheelers November 2004  
Freight March 2006  
Accessibility March 2006 September 2011
Transport Asset Management Plan June 2006 January 2011 and June 2011
Active Travel (currently Cycle Strategy) 2007 2012
Cornwall Countryside Access 2007 2011
Airport Surface Access November 2008  
Maritime March 2012  
Bus Information March 2011  
Sustainable Tourism 2012  
Intelligent Transport Solutions 2012  
Land Use and Transportation 2012  
Public Transport March 2012  
Casualty Reduction Strategy 2013  
Guidance and Advice Documents
Highways for New Developments:
Cornwall Design Policy
Cornwall Design Guide

January 2006


Traffic Engineering Manuals:
Speed Management
Casualty Reduction
Lorry Management
Pedestrian Crossings
Direction Signage
Emergency Vehicles
Use of IT in Traffic Management

December 2004
February 2005
April 2005
February 2006
February 2005
February 2005
February 2005
September 2007
July 2008

March 2012

March 2012
March 2012
March 2012
Highway Electrical Maintenance Plan 2006  
Travel Plans: Advice for Developers in Cornwall 2007 March 2012
Cornwall Civil Parking Enforcement Procedures November 2010  
Highways Maintenance Plan 2010 Annual update
Highways Inspection Manual 2010 Annual update
Network Management Plan 2011  
Air Quality Action Plans March 2011