Workplace travel plans

In a bid to reduce congestion and pollution, encourage the use of alternative travel and public transport whilst promoting health, exercise and a better work-life balance, we are working with employers in Cornwall. We do this by providing assistance in respect of equipment and facilities that encourage sustainable travel, and to develop workplace travel plans.

Travel to Work grants

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Grants were available to employers in Cornwall looking to support sustainable travel to and from work until February 2019. Please visit the Travel to Work Grants web page for more information.

A travel plan is specifically designed to meet the transport needs of an individual company, its employees and visitors.

The travel plan aims to increase the level of sustainable travel, as well as support initiatives which actually reduce the need to travel. Specific measures can include car sharing, cycle parking facilities, user friendly bus timetables, car share schemes, working from home and promotion and awareness-raising with employees.

To find out how a travel plan could work for your business, visit the Your Travel Plan page.