Parking Standards

Parking guidelines should be followed when considering the design and location of car parking within developments.

Key principles are;

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1. The design quality of the street is paramount,
2. There is no single best solution to providing car parking – a combination of on-plot, off-plot and on-street will often be appropriate;
3. The street can provide a very good car park – on-street parking is efficient,
understandable and can increase vitality and safety;
4. Parking within a block is recommended only after parking at the front and on-street has been fully considered – rear courtyards should support on-street parking, not replace it;
5. Car parking needs to be designed with security in mind – advice on this issue is contained in Safer Places. See also the Safer Parking Scheme initiative of ACPO; and,
6. Consideration needs to be given to parking for visitors and disabled people.

Further detailed information is contained within the document below which was developed in line with the Government's planning guidance.

These standards should still be used to inform development, but they are indicative only and parking standards will vary on a case by case basis depending on the location of the application site and access to public transport modes.