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Car share

Car sharing, whether for commuting, leisure or business travel, offers a way of reducing solo occupancy car journeys. Every time you can do this you are helping to reduce congestion and pollution in Cornwall, as well as saving money on reduced fuel costs.

Carshare Cornwall

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The Carshare Cornwall website aims to maximise people's travel options whilst also reducing the number of cars on the roads, cutting pollution, saving money and protecting the environment.

It is worth logging any regular journeys you may make and checking periodically to see if a match has been found. Sharing a lift to work on only two days a week could save you several hundred pounds a year!

The Sustainable Transport Group can help with promoting and registering staff for car sharing. If you are carrying out a staff survey as part of a travel plan then we can use the postcode data collected to illustrate potential car sharing clusters. This will highlight staff living close to each other who are making the same journey every day.