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Landowner Information

If you are affected by the scheme and have not been contacted or would like more information regarding the land acquisition please contact

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Or telephone 07483 427643

Cornwall Council, as the acquiring authority, is prepared to acquire by agreement and will meet the reasonable costs of a professional advisor to act on your behalf in negotiations.  

Purchase / Acquisition costs

You are entitled to compensation for the land being acquired. The valuation date will usually be the date of possession. Compensation for the land being acquired is based on its market value.

Settlement of Compensation

Where land is acquired by private treaty, each purchase will be in isolation and part payment will be made at Exchange of Contracts and the balance of payment will be made at Completion of sale, as land is acquired and not linked to date of occupation or Notice to Treat.

Severance and/or injurious affection. You may be entitled to compensation for severance and/or injurious affection.

If only a part of your land is acquired there may be an additional entitlement to compensation in respect of the adverse effect on the land you retain. The compensation is for the depreciation in value of the retained land and is referred to as “severance” and/or “injurious affection” and the two elements of this claim should be considered in isolation. There may also be issues of betterment to consider.

Disturbance compensation

In addition to being compensated for the value of the land taken and severance and injurious affection you may be entitled to the compensation for being “disturbed” from land or premises. The right to compensation for disturbance only applies if the compensation for the land taken is based on existing use value.

Mitigation and accommodation works

We will endeavour to minimise any impact of the scheme through communication between Cornwall Council and the landowners.

Whole of Landholding

It may be possible to compel Cornwall Council to acquire the whole of your land if material detriment can be proved.

No Land Taken Part 1 Claim

It may be possible to make a claim where no land is taken but where there is an adverse impact on your landholding. This claim is considered after the establishment of the scheme and after a year has elapsed.

For more information

Highways England have published a document for landowners affected by Compulsory purchase which helps explain the principles. Please see also the latest general Government guidance, Compulsory purchase process and the Crichel Down Rules. Land agents also produce their own guides which you may find useful.