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Sustainable Transport

Sustainable transport includes walking, cycling, using public transport, car sharing and using vehicles that minimise carbon emissions, such as electric, LPG, bio diesel and hybrid cars.

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Roads in the UK are becoming congested and grinding to a halt at peak hours. At peak times about 80% of cars have only one person in them. The car dependency culture has grown to such a level that resultant problems which affect health, the environment and the economy are being addressed as a matter of urgency by the government. The Government White Paper "A New Deal for Transport" 1998 aimed to change the future of how we travel. The Council's Local Transport Plan "Connecting Cornwall: 2030" published in 2011 sets out clear policies on reducing car use over the next 20 years.

These problems are highly visible in Cornwall, and it is essential that Cornwall responds to the growing pressures on its road network. A small reduction in car use can mean the difference between a road network working and it standing still.

Cornwall Council is responding to these issues by working with employers, schools, colleges and universities in developing travel plans, promoting car sharing and encouraging active travel. The Council also has its own Corporate travel plan as well as site specific travel plans for some of its offices across the County.