Street Works

The Council’s Streetworks Team coordinate road works, temporary highways licences and community events to ensure that congestion on the roads is kept to a minimum.  We do this by controlling activities that may interfere with the free passage of vehicles and pedestrians on the Highway

If you wish to create a new access or make alterations to an existing access over a footway or verge you are required to create a vehicle crossing (dropped kerb).

Find out about obtaining a licence to decorate a street with banners, bunting, seasonal lights or hanging baskets

A licence is required for non-excavation work within the highway, for example tree works, depositing materials or site facilities and traffic management.

A temporary traffic regulation order is required to either restrict vehicular or pedestrian activity with a road closure or control activity using temporary traffic lights.  

Traffic sensitive routes may have restrictions to maintain traffic flow at commuter times.

A licence is required, under Section 171 of the Highways Act, to excavate the highway (not for installation of apparatus or vehicle crossovers)

A licence is required under Section 50 for a non Statutory Undertakers to repair existing apparatus.