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Street lights and illuminated signs

Report a fault

Report a street light or illuminated sign problem

Please remember to include streetlight number (yellow figures on a black background - one letter and three numbers, i.e. A100) and location (town and road).

Timescale for repairs

We pass all reports of faulty streetlights to our repair contractor on the same working day. Our contractor has

  • 5 calendar days to repair a normal fault
  • Attend on site within 2 hours for emergency repairs, such as exposed wiring,
  • Attend on site within 24 hours where there is a greater risk of danger, but it is not an emergency.  For example, lights on pedestrian crossings, busy road junctions or flights of steps.

If a street lighting fault is the result of an underground electricity cable fault, we work with Western Power Distribution (WPD) to rectify as quickly as possible.  Underground cable faults may take longer to locate and repair. WPD aim to repair faults of 3 street lights or more with 20 working days and single street lighting faults within 25 working days. 

If it’s necessary to turn off the electricity supply to other customers, notice has to be given to the affected customers(7 days for domestic customers and 14 days for commercial customers) before the electricity supply can be disconnected.

Street Lighting Operational Policy

We have introduced a dynamic lighting system which allows us to dim street lights in Cornwall at specific times, based on the road category and risk.