Roundabout sponsorship

The Council recognises the importance and aesthetic impact of roundabouts in the rural and urban landscape.  We have developed a roundabout sponsorship policy that should allow the enhancement of these features without imposing a burden on stretched budgets.  The policy allows signs to be erected by sponsors advertising their contribution to the local community. 

The policy and supporting information can be viewed by following the links below.

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If you or your organisation is interested in sponsoring a roundabout please look these documents.  If you have any questions we will be happy to help.  Contact details can be found in the box to the right.

Contains the policy details including who may sponsor a roundabout, design criteria, permissible signing, duration of sponsorship, costs that will be incurred and liabilities.

This is a copy of the contractual agreement you will be required to enter into (sign) should you wish to proceed with sponsoring a roundabout.  One will be required for each roundabout you sponsor

A simple flow chart showing typical considerations made in deciding if a roundabout may be sponsored.

A simple flow chart that helps clarify where proposals would be considered sponsorship or adoptions.  Please note that we are not permitting adoption arrangements at this time.

A simple flow chart designed to assist potential sponsors understand the system by which local councils will be given the first opportunity to sponsor any roundabout.

Design drawings showing typical appearance of permissible signs and dimensions.

(Please contact CORMAC using the details on this page for current availability - the above link will only give you the roundabout list and availabililty at the time of writing the policy).

This definitive list should be used to identify the roundabout you are interested in sponsoring.  Be aware that the roundabout names are those by which they are known by the Council; it may be referred to by a different name locally.

Typical examples of how annual charges will be calculated

Please contact CORMAC Solutions using the contact details on this page for information on availability of specific roundabouts, costs, designs etc.