Report a problem with a road, highway or footway


If you need to report something that is causing an immediate danger or is an emergency please call 0300 1234 222.

Please use the specific forms below to report something that you consider to be an issue or defect on the highway.

For all other highway issues relating to general road safety, on street parking, highway extents, signing requests, road improvement requests or general enquiries please do not use the forms below but please contact us online.

You can track the progress of an issue you have already reported.

Electrical Problem iconIncluding Street light/lamp, Illuminated street signs and bollards, Permanent Traffic Lights (non emergency problems) and Controlled Pedestrian Crossings

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Street Works iconTraffic lights at roadworks, Skips, Scaffolds, Hoardings, Traffic management at roadworks – cones, pedestrian barriers, unprotected excavations, Builders’ materials, Footway crossings, Banners or bunting.

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Blocked Manhole Draincover icon

Including standing Water (after it has stopped raining), flooding, blocked drain, water flowing from adjoining land, flooding of property.

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Potholes icon

Report a pothole in a road or footway.

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Hedges and verges icon

Report issues with overgrown hedges, verges or trees that present potential safety, obstruction or visibility concerns.  

Please do not use this for routine/general grass cutting requests. For general grass cutting please contact us online.

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Road surface icon

Report issues with roads, including large areas of uneven surface, depressions, trench failure, edge deterioration, crazing or crumbling road surface. 

Please do not use this form to report potholes

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Defective Road Makings And Signs icon

Report a damaged or missing road sign, road marking or bollard.

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Debris Mud Spillages icon

Report mud, debris or a spillage on a road. 

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Fences And Barriers icon

Report damaged safety barriers or fences on the highway.

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Defective Manhole Draincover icon

Report broken or rocking manholes or drain covers. 

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Bridges Structures icon

Report issues with damaged bridges, retaining walls or structures. 

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Street Furniture icon

Report issues with damaged or missing benches and seats, planters, bus shelters and street furniture.

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Winter Maintenance iconReport damaged or unusable grit bins.

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Report public rights of way issues including:

  • public footpaths
  • bridleways
  • byways


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Question mark icon for reportingReport any other highways defect not listed in the options above.

Examples might include: missing/uneven block paving, loose kerbs, minor (not dangerous) land/hedge slip. Please do not use this to report emergencies but call 03001234222.

For general highways enquiries please contact us online.

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