Newquay Strategic Route


The Newquay Strategic Route (NSR) is a transport link. It will serve Nansledan which was formerly known as the Newquay Growth Area and is situated to the east of the town.

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The plan for Nansledan is to build new homes and community facilities, such as a church and education and recreation amenities. This would create more diverse employment and attract more jobs and retail opportunities for the next generation. People will be able to travel in and out of Nansledan to the surrounding areas via the NSR. The route will:

  • improve traffic flow by providing an alternative to Trencreek Lane and Quintrell road.
  • have two-way traffic and footways and cycle-ways for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Newquay Strategic Route will be implemented in three phases. For details see the infographic for the scheme

Newquay Strategic Route is one of the Council’s major capital projects to support local development and ease congestion in the area by providing alternative route between A392 at Hendra Roundabout in the South and Trevenson Road/Quintrell Road to the North. Phase one was completed by January 2017. This phase costed approximately £2.9m to construct and included construction of:

  • a new junction on the A392 adjacent to Hendra Holiday Park and
  • a  northern spur road of approximately 350 metres towards the Newquay-Par branch line (this section is currently closed to the public).

Phases two and three will provide the rest of the route, connecting phase one works to Quintrell Road and Trevenson Road to support the new development of Nansledan. Construction will be delivered through a partnership with the developers within the Growth Area.

Alongside substantial developer contributions, the Council is joint-funding phases two and three of the scheme. In May 2018 Cornwall Council's Cabinet agreed to support the recommendation to commit £8.7m from the Council’s Economic Development Fund Capital Reserves. Total allocated budget for the scheme is £24.4m.

A procurement strategy was approved by the Council in January 2019 whereby CORMAC will design and construct the road (Phase 2) and Network Rail is to be commissioned to design the rail bridge over the Par-Newquay branch line (Phase 3). This strategy relies on a value for money test after the design has been completed to test affordability and ensure stakeholders buy-in to the construction. Currently the project team is negotiating contracts with CORMAC and Network Rail with the view to commence design of the road and associated bridges by Summer 2019 with the construction works commencing in 2020. Current anticipated NSR completion is Autumn 2021.