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Quotes From Local Politicians

Quotes (taken from the Cornwall Council news from 2019 webpages – 29 July 2019)

Cabinet portfolio holder for transport Geoff Brown said:  “This scheme is our next major ask of the Department for Transport.  It already has the support of the Peninsula Sub National Transport Body and this latest commitment from the Council to provide funding to progress the bid is a major boost.”  

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He added: “We have been monitoring nitrogen dioxide levels in Camelford for several years. The biggest source of nitrogen dioxide is the exhaust gases from traffic passing through the town on the A39.  We have a duty to local residents to push for this bypass to improve their lives and transform the town. A similar scheme which provided the A39 bypass of Wadebridge in the 1990’s allowed that town to blossom and improve the environment for residents and visitors alike.”

Cornwall Councillor for Camelford Rob Rotchell welcomed the Cabinet decision: “One of the important things is to have the support of residents as well as Cornwall Council. It sends a powerful message to the Department for Transport that residents want this bypass and that the Council is willing to provide financial support and expertise to progress the bid for government funding.” 

Mayor of Camelford Claire Hewlett was at the Cabinet meeting and said: “Camelford has suffered from excessive traffic movement and increasingly bad air quality for many years. The A39 bypass is essential for the health and well-being of the people of Camelford and the future sustainability of Camelford and its environs.”