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A39 Atlantic Highway Camelford Improvement

Cornwall Council are inviting comments on proposals to implement a road improvement for the A39 Atlantic Highway to provide a bypass to Camelford.

The proposed improvement to Camelford aims to remove the through traffic from the A39, where it passes through Camelford, by providing a new road passing to the west of the town.

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The new road will join the A39 to the south of the town to the A39 to the north of the town and have a number of benefits including;

  • Reduce congestion within Camelford especially during the summer tourist season
  • Remove HGVs from Camelford.
  • Improve air quality within Camelford.
  • Improve the centre of Camelford to make it a more vibrant community hub that will encourage residents and tourists to visit, shop, carry out business, and socialise within the town.
  • Improve the north south journey time along the A39 corridor.
  • Improve connectivity for non-car users by enhancing the provision for pedestrian, cyclists and equestrians around Camelford.
  • Environmental enhancement including new woodlands. Build on legacy of Environmental Growth projects.
  • Encourage investment in Camelford and along the A39 corridor
  • Reduce accidents on existing road network

We held public consultation events in January and February 2020.  The consultation period ends on 16 April 2020 so you still have time to look at the exhibition material and give us your views.

If you couldn't make it to one of our consultation events you can still have your say by:

  1. Please view the consultation materials on our exhibition page.
  2. If the exhibition materials raise questions please check our frequently asked questions page
  3. Once you have viewed the supporting information please complete the feedback form linked from the exhibition page.

The consultation period starts on the 23 January 2020 and ends on the 16 April 2020.