A39 Atlantic Highway Camelford Bypass

The proposed improvement to Camelford aims to remove the through traffic from the A39 where it passes through Camelford by providing a new road passing to the west of the town. This new road will join the A39 to the south of the town to the A39 to the north of the town. As well as drastically reducing the number of vehicles passing through the town with all the health benefits that will bring, the scheme will also include measures aimed at improving the environment in the centre of Camelford. These will aim to make it a more vibrant community hub that will encourage residents and tourists to visit, shop, carry out business, and socialise within the town.

Public Consultation

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Following the conclusion of the pre-election period due to the recent general election, Cornwall Council has re-arranged the Camelford Improvement consultation events for the dates and venues given below. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the postponement of the original consultation events and look forward to meeting you at the exhibitions.

Friday 24 January 2020 12 noon until 8 pm Main Hall, Camelford Hall, Clease Rd, Camelford, PL32 9QX
aturday 25 January 2020 10 am until 2 pm Main Hall, Camelford Hall, Clease Rd, Camelford, PL32 9QX
Tuesday 4 February 2020 12 noon until 8 pm St John’s Church Hall, Delabole, PL33 9AA


The consultation materials can be found on our exhibition page. Once you have looked at the display boards and frequently asked questions please take the opportunity to complete the feedback form below.

A39 Atlantic Highway Improvement feedback form

Alternatively, you can email comments to the project team at A39Camelford@cornwall.gov.uk.

Or by post to:

A39 Highway Improvement Project Team
c/o Cormac Solutions Ltd
Murdoch Building
Radnor Road
TR16 5EH

The Design Team have produced a viable route design and your feedback will be crucial in helping them to improve the design to make it better suit the needs of local residents, businesses, and landowners.  We also need to know what you would like to see within Camelford that will make it a better town for you.  The consultation period starts on the 23 January 2020 and ends on the 16 April 2020.