We are responsible for over 7500 kilometres of road from dual carriageways to narrow country lanes and our aim is to keep that road network in a safe and serviceable condition with the limited resources we have available.

We are given approximately £40m for highway maintenance each year. 

In the 2018/19 financial year we have:

  • £33m to carry out planned repairs to the road surface, renew lines, deal with drainage issues, carry out improvements to network safety and repair safety defects
  • £10.3m to maintain the current infrastructure, including emptying gullies, grass cutting, salting the network in winter and other vital maintenance tasks

We have a set of service levels for highways services that have been agreed at Council cabinet and by our insurers Zurich, which give detailed guidance on how we can deliver a good highways service with the resources we have available to us.  

Fixing potholes and preventative surface treatment

To deal with the increase in surface defects that have occurred due to the recent poor weather, and help us effectively maintain the road network into the future, we have added an additional £10m per year into our maintenance programme until 2021/22. 

This will enable us to:

  • catch up with the backlog of pothole repairs
  • carry out vital surface renewal
  • Do proactive treatment to increase the life of roads and prevent the formation of potholes and other surface defects 

We have already increased the number of gangs tackling potholes.  

The remaining budget will be spent on:

  • targeted surface treatment where repair is required now to deal with current structural and pothole issues, using information to prioritise work
  • schemes to prevent further deterioration to catch roads that are just beginning to fail

Planned maintenance schemes

Our provisional schemes can be seen using the map below, which shows our original treatment programme alongside those additional sites that we have now brought forward using the additional funding. 

Please note these plans can be subject to change.

Download Guide for using map

DfT Safer Roads Fund

The Department for Transport has invited proposals from eligible local highways authorities to improve the safety of specific sections of local A Roads where they believe the risk of fatal and serious collisions is highest based upon initial analysis by the Road Safety Foundation.  

Cornwall Council has submitted an application to the DfT for Safer Roads funding for safety improvements to the A3071 and A3058.  

The proposed programme of works will help to improve road safety. 

A3071 St Just – Penzance A30

 A3058 Quintrell Downs – Summercourt A30