What do we do?

  • Carry out precautionary treatment on the busiest roads when they are near freezing.
  • Direct most effort to the worst affected areas using quality weather data.
  • Clear the major routes of snow
  • Monitor actual conditions closely to ensure planned treatments are effective.
  • Provide an efficient, cost effective and environmentally sensitive winter service.
  • React to flooding and other emergencies.
  • Keep delays to a minimum

Follow our treatment @CORMACltd - Our intended actions are posted automatically (24/7) as soon as we make the decision .

  • Undertake salting or other work on the trunk roads as these are the responsibility of the Highways Agency.
  • Salt all roads as this would be an enormous and costly task
  • Always keep roads free of ice and snow

For practical advice on flooding and how to prepare for such a situation visit the Environment Agency Website.

To report a problem on the highway, including flooding, ice or snow, please telephone 0300 1234 222 or email roadstransportandparking@cornwall.gov.uk. Alternatively, contact us at any of our one stop shops.