Department for Transport Additional Funding for Winter Damage

Cornwall Council received £4.728m additional funding from the DfT to deal with the consequences of the exceptional weather during the winter of 2010/11. Cornwall Council originally allocated the sum of £11.637m to the structural maintenance of carriageways for the financial year 2011/12. We have used the additional £4.728m to supplement and enhance the maintenance programme with the express purpose of dealing with the numerous potholes that have occurred as a result of the poor weather; also to intervene and treat sections of road that would deteriorate and become the source of a new series of potholes over the coming winter.

Specifically, we have used £600,000 to fund the first time permanent repair of existing potholes. The remaining £4.128m has been allocated to fund a programme of surface treatment, patching and resurfacing on 217 individual sections of highway totalling an overall treatment length of 493 lane kilometres of carriageway. This work has been in addition to the 997 kilometres of carriageway which will have been treated using the original maintenance allocation of £11.637m.

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