Gritting and Winter Maintenance

Cornwall Council is responsible for over 7,250 kilometres (4,530 miles) of road from major principal roads to narrow country lanes.

Winter service is an important part of the council's maintenance work and approximately £1m is spent each year on roads affected by winter weather. This involves salting major roads when there is a risk of ice, clearing snow and reacting to floods and fallen trees. We will, within the available resources, provide as safe a passage as possible for users of the highway.

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You can view the areas that will be salted over the next 24 hours by following  @CORMACltd.

You can also view a map of the salting routes on the which roads are salted? page. You can view the whole of Cornwall, or enter a postcode or street name to view which roads are salted in your area.

Salt is used to lower the freezing point of water in frosty conditions thereby reducing the formation of ice and reducing the possibility of skidding or more serious road accidents. Stored in salt barns around Cornwall, it can be deployed quickly by CORMAC Solutions Ltd. when weather forecasts indicate a freeze ahead. 

For more information please see our Winter service procedures.