Asset Management

Cornwall Council adopts an Asset Management based approach to the management of our entire infrastructure in doing so we will be implementing a methodology which includes:

  • A systematic approach which takes a long-term view
  • The consideration of the whole of life costs of maintaining an asset
  • The explicit consideration of customer expectations and defined levels of service
  • The optimisation and prioritisation of works based on assessed needs derived from the defined levels of service
  • The use of lifecycle planning to inform the optimal treatment at each stage of the assets life.
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All of the above when implemented in a formalised framework approach enables better decision making which takes account of the relationship between cost and performance. This in turn allows potential for the delivery of an improved level of service for the resources available or where owing to budgetary constraints it can assist in ensuring that the effects of a reduction in the level of service is mitigated through the efficient deployment of available resources such that risks are identified, balanced and mitigated in so far as is possible.

Key aspects of the framework are as follows: