Residents' Parking schemes FAQs

What were the results of the residents' parking scheme consultations carried out in 2018?

Following consultation we have decided not to implement new residents' parking schemes in Penryn or Wadebridge.

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In many areas it is difficult for residents to park near their homes due to pressure on parking by commuters and visitors.

The purpose of residents’ parking schemes is to give residents a chance of finding a more convenient parking space and to reduce the number of cars driving around their area.

If a residents’ parking scheme is introduced in your street or road:

  • On-street permit parking areas (called zones) will be identified by signs.
  • Eligible residents within the zone can apply for a permit to park in it; however there is no guarantee of a space. There are various types of permit available - these may be either in a paper format to be displayed in the vehicle or an electronic permit that allows the enforcement team to check that your vehicle is registered as having a permit.
  • Schemes are designed to suit local needs and circumstances and the proposed operating hours will reflect these.
  • During the operational hours, parking will only be allowed by vehicles, including motorbikes, issued with a valid permit for the zone.
  • Outside the operational times anyone can park within the zone.
  • Short-stay parking (limited waiting) bays are provided where possible within the zone for visitors.
  • Permits are not valid for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.

A zone is a group of streets available only for permit holders to park in during the operational hours. The properties where residents are eligible to apply for permits are defined by a catchment area.

Residents and businesses operating within the catchment area can buy a permit. Normally the maximum number of residents’ permits allowed is two per household (unless street space is limited); however this could be increased or reduced depending on permit uptake once a scheme is introduced. To qualify for a residents’ parking permit, the applicant must prove they are a resident within the catchment area.

A resident permit is valid for one year and costs £50. Extra permits, if available, cost £75 each. The charge for the permit is to cover introducing, running and enforcing the scheme. These charges are based on figures for the scheme being introduced in 2018.

Specific parking places will not be allocated to individual permit holders or properties. Permit holders will be allowed to park anywhere within the zone, but not to cause an obstruction or contravene a waiting restriction, for example, you cannot park where there are double yellow lines.

Residents’ permits can only be issued for one vehicle. The vehicle must be registered at a property within the catchment area. You will need to let us know at least three days in advance if you change your vehicle so we can amend our records (a £10 admin fee is chargeable).

Zones will be enforced as part of the Council’s regular scheduled patrols. Outside of those normal patrols residents can ring the Parking Enforcement team to advise of illegal parking however officers will only be able to attend ‘on demand’ if there is the capacity within their other usual patrols. Vehicles not registered to park in a zone will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Loading/unloading is allowed within resident areas in the zone so you will be able to get deliveries as normal.

Limited Waiting Bays will be provided where possible for short term visitor parking. For those wishing to stay longer, a resident will be able to buy up to 200 daily tickets each year (or 100 where street space is limited), either in booklets of 10 for £10, or electronic daily tickets costing £1.

If you are a resident in the zone, you can still buy visitor tickets even if you do not own a vehicle or have not purchased a permit for your own vehicle; however, you must still prove that you are eligible to purchase visitor tickets.

Blue Badge holders living in the zone can apply for a free parking permit; this will allow you to park all day in the zone with your electronic permit (while also displaying your Blue Badge). Non-residents can park in a zone for up to three hours using their Blue Badge and clock.

Care companies can apply to be added to the Council’s mobile phone permit system. Their staff will then be able to book a daily permit which will be valid during their attendance at a patient’s residence in the zone. There is no charge for this.

Residents who require continual regular care, not provided by a professional health care organisation, can apply for one free ‘Informal Care Permit’. This permit is transferable and can be used by multiple carers.

Businesses located within the zone can purchase one permit for an essential vehicle, which will cost £100. You will not need a permit to load or unload, where allowed.

Residential care homes located within the zone are entitled to one annual non-vehicle specific permit per occupied room/unit. This permit can be used by residents or their visitors.

Permits will be available for eligible residents. For paying guests you will be able to apply for visitor permits, between 100 and 600 depending on individual circumstances. For more details please see the On Street Residents’ Parking Guidance.