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Notice to Owner Representations Form

This form is where the keeper of a vehicle can make a formal statutory challenge to us against our having issued a Penalty Charge Notice.  It is the second form of appeal and can only be submitted once the Notice to Owner document has been issued and should be completed by the person named on this document see Penalty Charge Notice Appeal form

A copy of the NtO form is shown below which can be completed and submitted to us electronically.  More information on how to complete this can be found on What are the Grounds for Challenging a PCN.  Whether or not any of the grounds apply, you may also give other reasons why you believe the PCN should be cancelled.  

If you have copies of documents that you feel will help substantiate your representation, i.e. repair receipts following a mechanical breakdown, or a valid pay and display ticket, please post them to Parking Services PO Box 664, Truro TR1 9DH quoting the penalty charge notice number. 

If the registered owner's representations are successful, we will cancel the PCN.  If the Council rejects the registered owner's representations and the registered owner still wants to dispute the PCN they can appeal to the Traffic Penalties Tribunal. Find out more from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website. The Traffic Penalties Tribunal operates independently of councils and motorists. 

If this independent adjudicator rejects the registered owner's appeal or if the registered owner neither makes an appeal nor pays the penalty of £70/£50 we will send a Charge Certificate notifying the owner that the charge has increased by 50%.  There is no further right to appeal to us at that stage.  

A flow chart document which details the complete process for how PCN's are dealt with is available:  Penalty Charge Notice Enforcement and Appeal Process

If you have any queries relating to this process please contact the Parking Appeals team on 0300 1234 222 or email parking.appeals@cornwall.gov.uk

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Notice to Owner Representations Form


Data Protection Statement: The Enforcement Authority will use information, including personal information, collected through the issuing of the Notice to Owner for enforcement of traffic contraventions and it may be used for compatible purposes. The information my be disclosed to Councils, other enforcement agancies and third parties where it is necessary and lawful to do so e.g. for the prevention and detection of crime. All information will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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