Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Residents' parking schemes

Resident zones TZ1 / TZ2 / TZ3 / TZ4 / TZ5 / TZ6 / TZ7 / TZ8 / TZ10 / TZ11 / TZ12 / TZ13 / TZ14 / TZ15 / KCZ1 / KCZ2 / KCZ3 / LA01 / LA02 / LA03 / PW1
Please note that the changes we wrote to you about are now in place. All resident permits now must be applied for using an application form sent to us with the evidence of residency we require. We strongly recommend that you read the information below before you apply for your permit as there are significant changes to the way in which we now issue permits and how you can use them. 

There is infomation on Parking Services Covid19  to advise on some temporary changes to permits/visitor tickets and parking in Resident zones. Please check that regularly for updates as the information, and your requirement to have a valid permit/visitor tickets, will change. 

There are a number of residents parking zones in Cornwall. More information about how the zones operate is below.  

Check you are eligible and what permits are available

Please enter your postcode below and then select your address to see if it is within a resident parking zone. If it is, you will see what types of resident permits are available, and how to apply. 

Care organisations

You can check if the resident you are caring for lives in a resident parking zone.

If they do, you can apply to register your staff to use our moible phone system to park whilst carrying out care duties.

Please use the contact on this page for more detail and application forms.

How the zones work

All resident zones operate under the Resident parking scheme guidelines and the Resident parking scheme Terms and Conditions.  

How the permits work

The Resident Parking zone quick guide provides a table of the information such as permit fees, permit allowances and vehicle changes permitted.

The Frequently Asked Questions document gives more detailed information about how the zones operate and how we issue permits.

Can my visitors park? 

Some permit types also allow the holder to apply for parking for visitors. The individual application forms show if visitor permits are available and how to apply.  

Visitor permits are available to purchase in two forms.

  1. sets of ten daily electronic visitor permits costing £10 can be purchased by you directly through pay by phone system - these are electronic so you will not receive a paper permit. You do first need to register with us for an account but after that you can simply use your account to buy more, without the need to wait for us to contact you  
  2. books of ten daily permits (paper scratchcards) costing £10 are available from the Parking Permit team - these are posted to you to display in the vehicle

You can buy a selection of either option, but the total you buy must not be more than the maximum you are allowed in your zone. That information is listed in the Resident parking scheme Terms and Conditions

How can I apply for visitor permits?

The first time you apply (scratchcards and electronic sessions):

  1. Check the application form to see if you are entitled to visitor permits 
  2. If you are, complete the form and send it to us with your payment or request a call back to pay by card.

Please note: if you are an eligible resident in a zone but don't have a full residents permit you can still purchase visitor permits.  To do so you will need to apply by completing the residents application form and providing the necessary evidence. 

Future visitor permit requests 

If you want scratchcards just email us at to make a request.

However, if you do not have a full resident permit and have not purchased visitor books in the last 3 months you will need to supply proof of residency again. 

To purchase more electronic visitor permits all you need to do is log into your account, you don't need to contact us.  

How long will it take to get my permit? 

When we receive your application form it usually takes around 10 days to process new permits, renewal permits and visitor permits, so please apply in advance of when they are needed.  Even if you have had a permit before we cannot legally provide temporary permission for you to park in a zone until your current application has been approved. 

It is your responsiblity to ensure you have a valid permit to park in the zone and to remember to renew it when it expires. To be fair to all our customers we process permits in the order they arrive in to the office and so cannot meet requests made by calls/emails to prioritise applications.  

Privacy notice

Our Privacy Notice gives full information about how Parking Services and Parking Enforcement use and share personal information which may be collected when carrying out services.