Residents' parking schemes operational 29th April 2019

The six zones in Truro and two in St.Ives listed were introduced on 29 April 2019 and follow the new guidelines for how resident parking schemes will operate. These guidelines can be found on our Town Parking Review page.

There are differing guidelines for our on street residents’ parking schemes in place before 29 April 2019 in Truro, Kingsand and Cawsand, Launceston and Portwrinkle. Please see on street residents’ parking for current information on these. 

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Changes from 1 October 2019

This information is for residents in TZ1, TZ2, TZ3, TZ4, TZ5, TZ6, TZ7, TZ8, TZ10, TZ11, TZ12, TZ13, TZ14, TZ15, LA1, LA2, LA3, KCZ1, KCZ2, KCZ3 and PTZ1.

From 1 October the new resident parking scheme guidelines and permits will apply to your zones. Please read the information and use the forms below to apply for any permits to start from the 1 October 2019. Please return all forms and necessary evidence by the 26 August 2019 to ensure you to receive your permit before 1 October 2019 

The Terms and Conditions give information about how to park in the zone using your permit and what it entitles you to. These will give advice which will help you to avoid the potential for receiving a Parking Penalty Notice so please read them carefully.

Following public requests we now have several additional resident parking scheme permit types available in the new zones. Listed below is a brief description of each permit type and a link to the application form. 

The Terms ane Conditions above give full details of who is eligible for each permit type. Our Frequently Asked Questions table gives a quick guide to permit types and what they allow.  

  • Resident Permit - application form available for any person over the age of 17 who can provide evidence that their residence falls within the eligible zone as per the maps below. Permits are only availbale for a person usually resident at the property - this does not include Landlords.
  • Business Permit - application form available for any business that can provide evidence that their residence falls within the eligible zone as per the maps below.
  • Disabled Resident Permit - application form available to each resident of the zone who is the holder of a valid blue badge.
  • Professional Carers permits are available to eligible Care Organisations to be apply to be configured to the Council's mobile phone permit system allowing their staff to book a daily permit that will be valid during their attendance at a patients residence in a zone. More details of eligibility can be found within the Terms & Conditions found above. Please contact for information and application forms for these. 
  • Informal Carers Permit - application form are available to a resident who has long term care needs and requires the attention of a carer/s  during the operating hours of the zone. Informal Carers can be anyone who provides unpaid care, including friends and family, who do not live in the same resident zone; this is not for paid registered care professionals. The permit should be retained in the resident's property to pass between Informal Carers.
  • Charity Permits - application form are for a registered charity operating from an eligible property within the zone.
  • Care Home Permits - application form - can be applied for on behalf of its residents who live in an eligible property within a zone. They are for use of the residents of the home and/or their visitors. 
  • For Guest House/B&B/Hotel Permit - application form, see eligibility details within the Terms and Conditions.

New permit: If you are applying for a permit of any type for the first time you must complete the relevant application form (listed below) and provide the document/s of evidence required to prove residency.   We cannot supply a new permit without this. The form/document can be sent by post or if preferred you can send an email with the documents to and request a call back for the Permit team to take payment over the phone by credit/debit card. 

Renewal permit: either complete the relevant application form and return it to us by post or simply email to request a call back. Please note: we will require all of the evidence relating to that permit type again in order to renew it.

It can take up to 10 days to process applications for new or renewal permits  so please apply in advance of when they are needed. NB If you are applying for a new type of permit in a zone which is due to change on the 1st October 2019 we must receive your form by 26th August 2019 to be sure to get your permit to you on time. 

Some permit types also allow the permit holder to apply for parking for visitors. The individual application forms detail if they are available. 

Visitor permits are available to purchase in two forms as detailed below. Residents can buy a selection of either option, but the total bought cannot be more than the maximum you are eligible for in your zone (found in the T&C's).

  1. books of ten daily permits (scratchcards) costing £10 are available from the Parking Permit team. 
  2. electronic daily session visitor permits (you will not receive a paper permit) can also be purchased by registering with us for an account to use our pay by phone system which allows the purchase of permits on a daily basis costing £1. Please also see the specific Terms & Conditions which apply to these electronic daily sessions. 

First application: Check your area to see if the application form for your zone shows that it has visitor parking available.  If it does, complete the application form and send it to us with your payment. NB If are not applying for a full resident permit you can still request visitor permits but will need to complete the form and send evidence of residency.

Future visitor permit requests:  Just email us at to make a request. However, if you do not have a full resident permit and have not purchased visitor books in the last 3 mnonths you will need to supply proof of residency again.

It can take up to 10 days to process applications/requests for permits so please apply in advance of when you need to park.

Truro Zone 16 - Park View, Northfield Drive, Hurland Road

Truro Zone 17 - Green Close

Truro Zone 19 - St George's Road, Hendra Road, Enys Road

Truro Zone 22 - Trehaverne Place, Trehaverne Terrace, Devonshire Terrace

Truro Zone 26 - Newham Estate

Truro Zone 30 - Wheal Sperries Way

St Ives Zone 3 - Bowling Green Terrace, Carrack Dhu, Bedford Road

St Ives Zone 4 - Draycott Terrace


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