Council Cabinet Priorities for Cornwall

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

We will work with the people of Cornwall and use our resources wisely to:

  • protect and enhance our unique environment
  • create more homes and jobs for our residents,
  • make sure everyone can live well and safely together

Our values

  • We listen: we will work with the people of Cornwall
  • We are responsible: we will use resources wisely 
  • We act in the best interests of Cornwall: putting people first

Our aims

  • Ensure everyone can live well and safely together
  • Create more homes and jobs for residents
  • Protect and enhance the environment

Healthy Cornwall

  • Better health for everyone
  • Protect and improve the lives of vulnerable adults
  • Provide care for hospital leavers (less time in hospital)
  • Increase the aspirations for our young people
  • Children are healthy, safe and protected from harm
  • Fewer children living in poverty

Homes for Cornwall

  • Provide 1,000 homes direct by the Council
  • Raise standards of privately rented homes
  • Bring empty properties back into use
  • Support Land Trusts and other providers to deliver homes 
  • Lobby to protect residents impacted by welfare reform
  • Fewer people living in fuel poverty

Green and Prosperous Cornwall

  • Use Council land to create jobs
  • Invest in skills required by current and future employers
  • More apprenticeships
  • Reduce waste by increasing reuse and recycling
  • Support the development of renewable energy and environmental  growth
  • Aspiring to a clean Cornwall that residents and visitors are proud of

Connecting Cornwall

  • Improve sea, road, rail, air and bus networks
  • Link bus and rail timetables, ferries and the airport.
  • Give communities more influence to improve roads
  • Enhance broadband and mobile connectivity

Democratic Cornwall

  • Communicate better with our communities
  • Lobby for fair funding
  • To seek devolution from Whitehall to Cornwall and within the Duchy
  • Make Cornwall Brexit ready
  • Strengthen local democracy, local decision making and local service delivery

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