TEC Grant Scheme 2018/2019

Round 1 successful applicants announced 

We are excited to report that there have been four successful applicants in the first round of the TEC Grant Scheme 2018/2019.

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All the applications were considered in detail by the TEC Grant Committee against the criteria and requirements outlined in the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Grant Scheme.  The number of applications in Round 1 exceeded the amount of Grant monies available and so the TEC Committee had to make difficult decisions. 

Each application is considered on its own merits and how it met the criteria as well as in relation to the other applications.  Only the very strong applications have been admitted. 

Please read the press release for further information.  

In due course, there will be other links to each of the Projects from this page as they are set up.  

It is planned to have another Round in the course of the 2019 year.  Please check back here or register your interest via email to adultstec@cornwall.gov.uk to be sent details as they are finalised.

The TEC Grant Scheme 2018/ 2019 is looking to demonstrate focus and impact around the following themes:

  1. A transition from Children’s to Adults’ Systems of health and social care.
  2. ‘In-flight’ work in the local Health and Social Care system
    Grants which can move forward pilots/’test and learn’ approaches or substantive work already under development for Adults’ Social Care and Health projects across the region e.g. Shaping Our Future – adults’ based work, adults based transformation pieces.
  3. ‘New to Cornwall’ types of TEC 
    TEC equipment and/or services to further stimulate the continuous improvement and offering of relevant types of TEC equipment and/or services. They will demonstrably impact on demand pressures for the health and social care system in Cornwall.

The overarching Cornwall vision is to create a sustainable and prosperous Cornwall that is resilient and resourceful.  A place where communities are strong and where the most vulnerable are protected. Adult Health and Care Managers face huge challenges including:

  1. Pressure to manage increased demand and increased complexity within the limited and stretched resources available
  2. Responding appropriately and proportionately to people’s changing expectations of public services.  We must respond differently if we are to continue to improve outcomes for the people who use our services.

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is a key enabler for Adult Health and Social Care and it can help address these challenges. 

Technology Enabled Care provides more choice and more control to achieve the outcomes that matter to the person.  (Do it with me not to me).

The aim is for it to become a fully embedded part of the service offer to promote independence and keep people at home and in their communities for longer.  

Find out more about the broader TEC agenda for the Council on the Technology Enabled Care page