Cost of living support payments

Cornwall Council has received funding from the Government’s Household Support Fund to help families with the increased cost of living.

The money will support households in the most need against rising living costs, including: 

  • energy
  • food
  • and water bills

We will be making targeted cost-of-living payments to low-income families who meet the benefits-related Free School Meals eligibility criteria.

This will be £80 per child in Reception through to Year 11.

We hope that a cash payment will allow families to use this support in the way that best meets their needs.

Cost of Living Support payments

We will send you full details of how to access your cash payment via the Post Office.

We will be making payments over a couple of weeks at the end of July and early August. 

Please note that this cash support scheme is not a replacement for the previous Free School Meal Holiday Voucher Scheme.

You may not receive your payment in time for the summer holidays.

Start a claim for Cost of Living Support payments

Universal Infant Free School Meals

Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) are paid to families whose children are in:

  • Reception
  • Year 1
  • Year 2

Unfortunately families who receive UIFSM are not eligible for the Cost of Living Support payment.

Nursery, sixth form or further education college

Only children currently in Reception to Year 11 will be eligible for this payment.

You are not eligible if your child receives free meals and is in: 

  • nursery
  • sixth form
  • further education college

However, there are other ways you can access help.

View the Household Support Fund information

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