Minority Instrument Bursary Application

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The Cornwall Music Education Hub (CMEH) recognises that a range of musical instruments are needed to make up an orchestra. Some instruments, known as ‘Minority Instruments’ or ‘Endangered Species’ are not as popular.  As a result, it is often not possible for students to learn these particular instruments in a group lesson.  Individual lessons, which are more expensive, are the only option. 

The CMEH is offering a bursary programme for Minority Instruments to:

  • encourage take-up of these instruments
  • make access to them more fair

The bursary contributes towards the difference in cost between a group lesson and an individual lesson.  It is open to any young person who:

  • lives or attends school in Cornwall
  • is currently learning or wishes to take up a Minority Instrument

To qualify for the bursary, the lessons must be delivered by a provider listed as a ‘Registered Provider’ on the CMEH website.

The form must be completed to ensure we can make the appropriate payments of the bursary.  Please notify us of any changes to your address or the school/college your child attends.

Minority Instrument Bursary Application

Parent/Carer details
Child's details
Child's music achievements

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