First Access School Agreement

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One of the core roles of music Hubs is to enable young people to try out learning an instrument for free.  This is for a minimum of a term. The Cornwall Music Education Hub delivers this core role through its First Access programme.  It provides a grant to schools to fund a music teacher to deliver instrumental lessons to a whole class for a term.

  • Length of each lesson: 45 minutes per class
  • Number of sessions: 1 x planning meeting with the music teacher and classroom teacher, 10 x instrumental lessons, 1 x review meeting
  • Eligibility: Any class which has not previously accessed the funding. Schools can choose to access for multiple classes/year groups.  This is as long as the students have not previously received First Access tuition.
  • Cost: The school is responsible for paying the deliverer’s invoice but claims the cost back in the form of a grant from the Hub. Following delivery, the school claims the actual costs, up to a total value of £405 per class.  This is provided all sessions are delivered and paperwork returned to the Hub office.
  • Instruments: School uses own or can hire from the Hub at the subsidised rate of £70 for a whole class set for a term. (see instrument hire agreement for full details). Schools can choose to have First Access on any instrument or a mix of instruments (depending on availability).  This includes music technology. A student should learn the same instrument for the duration of the 10 sessions.
  • Teachers: School chooses their own deliverer for their sessions. The Hub has a list of potential deliverers and can put schools in touch with local teachers.

Schools’ Responsibilities

The school is responsible for:

  • Providing a suitable space for the sessions
  • Meeting with the instrumental teacher before and after the 10 sessions in order to plan and review the programme.
  • Providing an adult, ideally the class teacher, to participate in the lessons (see appendix).  Ideally the same person each week, who should be fully included in the lesson
  • Safely storing (in accordance with our advice) instruments loaned as part of this service
  • The cost of additional consumables (strings, reeds etc) and the repair/replacement of lost or damaged instruments. There is a separate instrument hire agreement which includes full details of this obligation.
  • Encourage students to continue their musical learning journey by offering or signposting to opportunities.  Also provide data to the Hub relating to continuation rates.

To qualify for First Access Funding

  • Delivery must be instrumental tuition, not vocal or general music
  • Delivery must be on the same instrument throughout the programme
  • Instruments should be available for the class to use in between sessions
  • As the programme is also about developing the classroom teacher’s musical skills and knowledge. The teacher must participate in the sessions alongside the pupils (the sessions cannot be used as PPA time)
  • It must be the first time that these students, or at least the majority, have accessed whole classroom instrumental teaching funded through this programme
  • Each session is 45 minutes in duration
  • The programme must run for a term (12 sessions in total including the Planning and Review meetings)
  • To draw down the grant following delivery of the sessions, the Hub office must receive the following:
    • First Access agreement
    • School Music Plan
    • Review Meeting notes
    • Register
    • An invoice to the Hub.

Please visit our website First Access page for more information and all document templates.

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