Tell us about your change of address

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Let us know straight away when you move home so you pay the right amount of council tax.

Tell us you're moving

Tell us about your change of address

If you are moving from one Cornwall address to another

Once you've told us, we'll send you a revised bill showing anything you still owe for your old address along, with details of what you owe for your new address.

If you've overpaid for your old address, we will usually use the credit to reduce what you owe at your new address.

Your revised bill will tell you what your new instalments will be.

If you are moving into Cornwall

Tell us straight away, so you will have more time to pay your bill. You must pay it by the 31 March.

We charge you from the date you moved in to your new home, or from your sale/tenancy date if that is earlier.

Your old council will charge you up to the date you left their area.

Remember to tell them the date you moved so they get your charge right.

If you are moving out of Cornwall

We charge you up to the date you moved out (or to the end of your tenancy or date of sale).

Your new council will charge you from the day you move into their area (or from the date of your ownership/tenancy agreement).

Remember to tell them you have moved in so they can bill you at your new address.

Empty Properties

In most cases when a property is empty, for example between tenancies or pending sale, you’ll have to pay the full amount of council tax.

Money off council tax for empty homes

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