Impact of Covid19 on planning enforcement

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.


We have a high number of enquiries at present.  It may take longer to respond.  We may not fully investigate matters where significant harm cannot be shown.  We will let you know what we intend to do.  Your complaint will be triaged.  Our enforcement flowchart sets out the enforcement process. 

The Courts have a backlog of all criminal cases nationally.  This means our cases could be delayed while we wait for Court availability.

Where we may not take action

Caravan parks

From 12 April, self-catering accommodation can open.  This includes caravan parks.

Temporary camping sites

The Government gives permitted development rights for persons to use land for temporary uses such as camp sites: 

  • for up to 28 days in any calendar year
  • without the need to submit a planning application. 

These rights will not apply in areas where there is an Article 4 Direction.  An Article 4 Direction removes these permitted development rights.

Please note that the 28 days has been extended to 56 days this year.  Queries about these are increasing.

Some small scale camping sites may benefit from permitted development rights.  They must be affiliated to an exempted organisation such as the Caravan and Camping Club.  A site licence is not always required for these.  Other exceptions include:

  • ‘pop up’ sites unless they become more regular or permanent
  • sites used for agricultural work activities
  • other groups or activities such as travelling showmen.

Where planning permission is required a number of factors will apply.  These affect whether planning permission or a site licence is granted and include: 

  • the location of the development
  • is it sustainable
  • impact on the landscape including the impact of any designated areas such as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • highway safety
  • impact on the amenity of neighbouring sites
  • how the site is laid out and
  • whether the number of pitches is appropriate.

Deliveries of essential goods

Planning conditions may limit night time deliveries of goods.  This can include petrol stations.

The Government asks LPAs to take a positive approach during the HGV driver shortage.  This will make sure planning controls are not a barrier to deliveries.

This flexibility expires on 31 January 2022.  You can find out more using this link: Updates on deliveries of food and essential goods: 15 July 2021

Planning guidance

We have produced planning guidance for temporary pop up campsites.

It is for: 

  • landowners who may wish to take advantage of current Permitted Development Rights and operate temporary campsites this year
  • residents concerned about potential sites.

Please email: 

The Government's planning permission for temporary uses are: 

Central Government grants these 56 day temporary uses through legislation.  Cornwall Council does not have to permit it separately.

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